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this project was started in January 2010 and was intended just for the one time showing at the conference Textures (June, Riga, Latvia, 2010). Since I received requests from other people who would like to participate, I decided to create a new place for it and let it continue... Anybody is welcome to add a new story in fiber one, two, three dimensional, not too big in a size (between 20x20x20 and 50x50x50 cm). The written story about the piece is optional but will be appreciated to the level you wish to share it. Every submission will be documented on this blog.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fiber stories will be continued

 It was the very first evening of the conference Textures on June 15 - even not all participants had arrived yet in Riga or were fighting jet lag (particularly people who came from US, Japan or Australia). My keynote was the only event before the opening reception, so I was not sure how big will be my audience. But Soros auditorium in Riga Economics School was almost full. Since this lecture was opened to general public, I was happy to see not only the conference participants. 
The time for the display of our project was not long - before the lecture I had quickly to set it up with David's help.

But after the lecture people did not rush immediately downstairs to the reception. As you can see they stopped to see the display. Link to the former "webplace" of this project was to all participants well before the conference. (In a foreground you can see some of my mathematical models.)

All the fiber stories are back with me now in Ithaca, including two new ones - Inga gave me her submission in Dublin and Tija gave it to me in Riga. These stories I will add to the rest of our account.
 Thank you all very very much for the time and thoughts you put into all these stories. It meant a lot to me that you decided to support my idea for the reasons I do not wish to describe here but some of you know very well. Now I am thinking about making another piece to add which should be about the support of friends.

I will move here all the stories from the previous site since this is more user friendly and do not require joining another social network. Please let other people who might be interested to know, particularly if you think that doing something with fibers can help them.

But today, feeling guilty for not having nice pictures from express show in Riga, I took all our pieces out to the lakeside. I felt like you all were with me!
 Somebody (is Andy Goldsworthy in the area?)  had made this intricate stone sculpture. First I thought of placing our project around it but that would mean to get some of our pieces wet or possibly destroying the sculpture.

I decided to place our pieces on the shore.


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  1. Oh Daina. I am overwhelmed! I am pleased the conference went so well and much enjoyed your photos and comments about it and the response.
    And that you are continuing it with further submissions. The photo of the exquisite sculpture (with your pondering on the creator) had me grinning.
    And I did feel like I was there as well. Um - side of what lake? I could look up Ithaca on a map ..... later. The two photos of the pieces had me breathless. Thank you so much. My family journey back east continued when I returned home with another major simplifying and change of residence; only five blocks but quite different: what I wanted and needed. Have been here a month now. It feels very good. Thanks again!