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this project was started in January 2010 and was intended just for the one time showing at the conference Textures (June, Riga, Latvia, 2010). Since I received requests from other people who would like to participate, I decided to create a new place for it and let it continue... Anybody is welcome to add a new story in fiber one, two, three dimensional, not too big in a size (between 20x20x20 and 50x50x50 cm). The written story about the piece is optional but will be appreciated to the level you wish to share it. Every submission will be documented on this blog.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

projects once started by Vera (April 28, 2010)

Last week I received a big box with yarn. My relative is sorting out a house of a woman she cared for. Now Vera who is 99 and legally blind, after heart attack she suffered around New Years, has moved to the nursing home. She has agreed that her yarn will no more be of use for her and it can be sent to me. From the contents of the box I could make an exhibit of development of different yarn companies, their old labels. Vera was born in Latvia and came to this country as a refugee after WWII, most of her life she worked as a nurse. I can imagine her in long night shifts in the hospital to keep herself awake she was occupying herself with handiwork. Among those different balls and skeins of yarn I found a bag with carefully saved some little pieces she was trying patterns out for possible projects. I understand very well the idea of saving them - if I will need them one day?
I could not discard them - as people before me could not either. So I put them all together and I am adding them to our fiber story as Vera's submission "Projects once started..." When I look at them I have to think about all projects I have had in my mind and about the day when I will have to realize that not all projects can be completed, from some of them only bits and pieces will be left to tell the story.

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