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this project was started in January 2010 and was intended just for the one time showing at the conference Textures (June, Riga, Latvia, 2010). Since I received requests from other people who would like to participate, I decided to create a new place for it and let it continue... Anybody is welcome to add a new story in fiber one, two, three dimensional, not too big in a size (between 20x20x20 and 50x50x50 cm). The written story about the piece is optional but will be appreciated to the level you wish to share it. Every submission will be documented on this blog.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the story of the yarn for my piece (January 28, 2010)

when I came to US as proper Latvian I had in my luggage woolen socks for me and my little daughters. Some socks were knitted by myself, some by other relatives. Latvians have a proverb that "one cannot his/hers life to take apart like an old sock and re-knit it again". Children grew out of their little socks, my ones became worn out , and I took them apart to save the yarn. My life in US had to be re-knit, so I decided that it is very appropriate to use for my part in this project the yarn from our old socks. 

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